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I, whole-heartedly undertake to go to even beyond my resources and capacity to carry forward the mission of their dreams and be the touch-bearer of them.
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Teachers play a very important role in a student's life. It is, to a great extent, the teachers who decide the shape a student's life will take. So, it is very necessary to be adequately equipped with resources that will make the teacher a perfect role model to the students. To achieve this, Bachelor of Education or B. Ed was introduced, which will teach a person about teaching and the various aspects associated with teaching. Once a person completes the Bachelor of Education (B. Ed) coaching or training, then he is awarded with a B. Ed degree. If you think you have the qualities to be a teacher, then move forward and complete a year's course on Bachelor of Education (B. Ed). If you have the passion for teaching and want to take teaching as your profession, this B. Ed degree is considered compulsory. Whether you are an arts or a science graduate, you need to have the Bachelor's degree.

D.Ed. (JBT)
Even though often less acknowledged, the importance of a good teacher is enormous in a country like India. They play a vital role in the overall development of the students. The importance of teachers is especially enormous in the tender aged students. Therefore training the teachers adequately is very important and over the years various institutes providing teacher’s training courses have come up in different parts of the country. The primary teachers and secondary teachers need to take up different teacher’s training courses as the needs of the primary students and the secondary students are different. Thus there are different teacher’s training institutes that offer Diploma in Education (D.E.d), junior basic training (JBT), Bachelor in Education (B.Ed) and other teacher’s training courses

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